Dresden Project, ongoing

The Dresden Project is an ongoing project that aims to explore and establish interrelationships between several places named Dresden in the United States and the City of Dresden in Saxony, Germany from an artistic point of view. A Journey to the towns and villages named Dresden in the US was the heart of the project and included

Dresden, Maine
Dresden, Washington County, NY
Dresden, Yates County, NY
Dresden, Ohio
Dresden, Tennessee
Dresden, Kansas

I am interested in the differences and similarities of culture, history and everyday life in the several places named Dresden. The project is supported with a stipend for postgraduate studies by the state of saxony, Germany.

For further Information on the Project please write an email to (at)

assistenz / assistant Mirka Pflüger


Dresden Public Art View, 2014
in Zusammenarbeit mit / in cooperation with Lucie Freynhagen

DRESDEN PUBLIC ART VIEW seeks to position artistic approaches outside of existing Art-Institutions in public every day life. 50 artworks of local and international artists were shown on 50 Billboards in Dresden, Germany from 29.7. -7.8.2014.

The perception of art is often influenced by institutional locations, rituals or events which create an aura that makes it hard to encounter art impartially and open minded. In the spirit of Klaus Staecks „Die Kunst findet nicht im Saale statt“ (art does not take place in the hall) DRESDEN PUBLIC ART VIEW seeks to understand public space as a complex site for art that is accessible for everyone.

C. Rockefeller Center for the Contemporary Arts


Picasso in my casa, 2014
in Zusammenarbeit mit / in cooperation with Anna Bründl

The Project was shortlisted for Curate Award 2014 by Fondazione Prada and Quatar Museums Authority